Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage

This unique deep pressure work is performed with soothing strokes that are applied to the body using hand and foot pressure in a slow, smooth, relaxed manner to relieve tight muscles, open chackras and release toxins. Your therapist will use soft, clean feet while holding two parallel bars for balance and support to perform a classic swedish combined with ashiatsu to melt away your pain and stress.

Why try Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage?

Those who prefer deeper pressure and have lower and upper back pain and are seeking improved posture and movement, pain relief and state of well being should consider Ashiatsu.


Swedish, Deep Tissue vs Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

The amount of even pressure that is applied to the body in barefoot massage can rarely be done by the hands. Since the foot is bigger, it covers more tissue, with the result that greater pressure can be applied and can be held for an extended period of time, thus stimulating a larger area at one time and increasing a larger amount of circulation.

Stay Away

  • If your are pregnant
  • Have implants within the recent year
  • Recently had eye surgery/Lasik surgery
  • Have skin infections or ulcerations
  • Have swollen or inflamed areas
  • Have had lymph nodes removed
  • If you are on blood thinning medications
  • Have uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Have had a recent injury including broken bones or fractures
  • Have undiagnosed pain, discomfort, illness or disease
  • Have varicose veins,aneurysm, kidney disorder, hemophilia, severe osteoporosis
  • Have fever, severe pain, sun burn, open cuts, bruises, skin rash, cold or flu.